3 Tips to Prepare Your Home to Sell FAST!

Get that home sold!Every home seller dreams of a quick and easy sale, no complications, no compromises, and of course an above market all cash offer. While working with a professional REALTOR® is a sure safety net for most common pitfalls most home sales don’t come together over night, even when they do go smoothly.

Thankfully there are a few quick easy things you can do to help the process be even more successful:

Price Competitively
Even more than location, location, location – price, price, price is important!
Listing your home at the most competitive price point may determine how quickly you’ll receive offers. Before settling on a definitive price ask your agent to run a comparative market analysis of your home. This will tell you what other homes within your community are selling for.

Curb Appeal
First impressions count! The curb appeal of your home may determine whether or not your phone is ringing with offers. Thankfully there are many basic things you can do yourself that have a big impact on curb appeal and keep costs at a minimum. A new coat of paint on the front door in a bright, trendy color invites visitors in from the curb. Consider seasonal flowers and a manicured, well maintained lawn. What may seem like small touches, like upgrading your mailbox or replacing faded address numbers make a drastic difference.

Clean, De-clutter, and Staging
Consider hiring a professional cleaning service to come in and really put a sparkle to everything, including carpets. Be sure to de-clutter your home of any abundance of personal items, unfinished projects, or general clutter before a showing. Check into staging rooms – especially if you’ve already begun the move out so rooms don’t look sparse – having rooms staged professionally has the potential to even add to the offer on your home.

These simple tips should help you amp up the sell ability of your home in no time! Be sure and ask your REALTOR® if they have any ideas as well!

What’s BUGGING you?

peppermint oilSummer time means a lot of things to different people. Warm afternoons shared with friends and family, swimming, fishing, barbeques… bugs. BUGS?! Yes, that’s right it’s Summer again and that means the bugs are back to pester their way into our otherwise lovely time.

From ants and wasps to the notorious mosquito, insects can be real party poopers. Here are some tips to help you control these nuisance creatures and make a more comfortable Summer!

Start from the ground up. The better you take care of your lawn, the better chance you’ll have fewer bugs. Talls grasses and unkempt flowerbeds are a haven for our pesky friends.

Collar the canines. It doesn’t have to be the traditonal collar really, there are a multitude of great products that will help keep your hound flea free – making you both much more comfortable!

Standing water. Empty an standing water than you can, don’t leave empty containers out gathering the rain as shallow warm waters are a perfect breeding ground for mosquitos. Have bird baths or kiddie pools? Change the water out at least once a week; this will cut down on pests.

Oil change! Get natural. Bug repellent doesn’t have to be stinky or chemical based. There are a number of plant oils that bugs hate! Mix distilled water, spearmint, and orange oil then spray your arms, legs, and other exposed areas to help keep biters at bay.

Old reliable. Fly-tape. It’s not pretty at all but it will do the job to keep flies on the patio down or even to help round the up if they get in the house. It’s a last ditch suggestion but they can work!

Redneck TV. Your good ole bug zapper. This handy device is best used at night but will work all hours helping keep all kind of flying insect populations down; depending on the company you keep may very well be the most entertaining part of your next get together.

Lets not get kill crazy. Bugs can serve a real purpose in the magical circle of life…but that doesn’t mean you want them dive bombing your Aunt Tilda’s potato salad this weekend. Use these tips to help keep the bugs from bugging you!

Got your own bug solutions? Ever tried the pennies in a zip-loc to keep flies away (does that work?!) ? Tell me about them!