Is NOW the Time to Sell?

Spring has sprung in Idaho! And while traditionally Spring is always a time when the real estate market begins to tick up there is some uncertainty in the industry here in the Treasure Valley. Low inventory and high prices have maintained over the cold months, but we could be in for more than a thaw!

One thing to keep in mind is that if you’re already thinking of selling there’s no reason to not be getting ready to sell now. That means making sure things like your credit score are in order, finding a Idaho real estate agent you like working with, and of course starting to get your home prepared to list.

If you’re not having to relocate due to work or life changes you may be asking whether it even makes sense to be thinking about selling – the answer is YES. With inventory being as low as it is you have unprecedented leverage in the market, and by all signs interest rates will not stay low.

You might also be thinking of selling because you’ve had offers on your home, offers you couldn’t even believe, and if you’ve been unhappy where you are this may be the sign you’ve been looking for that it’s time to make the move.

If you’ve been thinking about it, if you just aren’t sure if it’s time, or even sure what you might get for your home we can help! Get a FREE market analysis of your home right here or get in touch today!


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